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ABKC Nationals 2012

Entrevista con Telelemundo 52

On May 28th of 2011 at the Louisiana Bayou Bully Expo, we had the pleasure to receive this Beautiful Statue, in Honor to R.I.P.  CH The Samurai Paco, Thank you very much to The American kennels family.

Thank you The Bully League for such nice Recognition, Incredible way to Star our 2010 Year.

Suarez Bulls had the HONOR to Receive Kennel of the Year Award 2008

Marco Suarez had the Great Honor to Receive the Recognition as the 2007 BKC Breeder of The Year.

Suarez Bulls Kennels breeds for

big square blocky heads, very wide chests,

short compact bodies, and extreme bone and muscle with correct movement.

Excellent temperament is our highest priority.

Our foundation Blood is Razors Edge, Gaff and Gottiline.

We Prefer the extreme compact side of the Bully Pit Style...

a more compact, lower style of American Bully that still maintains substance and width,

while beingvery low to the ground.

Breeding The Ultimate American Bully

English, Español,

Chinese (Cantonese)

Please Contact:

Marco Suarez

1(310) 702 6179  or

peru963@hotmail.com  or


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BBCR Welcomes Marco Suarez as Director of American Bully Operations

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Information for Pedigrees BBCR 


Puppies:    Toro & Athena, Taifon & Everest​, Victorious & Blue Topaz

Males:    Suarez Bulls Avanti

Females:  Short Stack

Events:  España show, Mexico Show, Tampa Florida Show

Videos: American Bully - Ch Suarez Bulls Master Shifu

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