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BBCR Welcomes Marco Suarez as Director of American Operations

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Congratulations Gr. Ch. Victorious

Best Produced Dog

Beautiful Memories, with my family and a good friend Peruvian Boxing Champ Oscar Rivadeneira.

This is How Suarez Bulls got back home from the Nationals

We Have Two new CHAMPIONS at the Camp

Congratulations:  Champion Victorious

Congratulations: Champion Checkmate

Thank You Kamerion Wimbley NFLplayer of Okland Raiders for Visiting The Suarez Camp, We enjoy very much your company.

Seatlle Soccer Team "Sounders" at The Suarez Bulls Camp.

CH Victorious relaxing after the Atlanta Nationals ABKC Show-November 13, 2010

The Samurai Paco R.I.P. on March 07, 2011

It is a honor to have a people who demonstrate such Love and dedication in Paco Blood. Thank you Juan Daniel Torres from Clombia.

Es un honor tener gente que nos demuestra tanto amor y apreciacion por Paco. Muchas gracias a Juan Manuel Torres de Colombia.

Thank You very much to the beautiful people of Peru was a real Honor to the present in The First Exposition of The American Bullys and Pit bulls of Peru.

Muchisimas gracias a la linda gente del Peru fue un verdadero Honor estar presente en su Primera Exposicion de Bullys y Pit Bulls.

Congratulations Gladiador ...

Winner 3rd Place-Bully Standard, 6-9 months old

ABKC Nationals Show

Las Vegas, Nevada

October 22, 2011

Team Paco Taking over the Bully World

Congratulations Game Over ...

Winner 3rd Place-Bully Standard, 9-12 months old

ABKC Nationals Show

Las Vegas, Nevada

October 22, 2011

November 03, 201, Dallas Texas

I Like to Thank The American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC) also judge Milo Garcia, ABKC Judges, coordinators and staff for a beautiful and unparalleled annual event The ABKC Nationals, it's due to event such as these that allow independent breeders such as myself Suarez Bulls fellow breeders across

the country and abroad worldwide such as Team Paco to came together and earn the right to legitimize our personal claims, visions and opinions of our animals through friendly, respectful competition. Events such as these bring, outside unbiased professional critique through judges, in which  these outside professional judges selections bring validity to our own personal opinions and beliefs of claims of superior greatness that we all see in our own animals. 

On behalf of the Suarez family I, Marco Suarez would like to say THANK YOU. Thank You to all American Bully connoisseurs, fellow breeders, and simply dog lovers THE PEOPLE, for believing in, supporting, and sticking with us relentlessly without falter through many, many years and generations  of Suarez Bulls productions, and visions of creating  the ultimate American Bully through PACO strain of R.E. I would especially like to thank our greatest believers and dedicates my extended  family TEAM PACO WORLDWIDE. Many thanks to my beautiful handler and friend Lydia Duarte, who did an excellent work with Ch. Master Shifu and Gr. Ch. TaiFon.

2012 ABKC Champion Best in Show Winner Ch. Suarez Bulls Master Shifu

Three Times Boxing World Champion the "Ferocious" Fernando Vargas, he was the youngest fighter to became world light middleweight Champion in 1998.

Tonight at 11:00 pm (Pacific Time) in Telemundo, interview about our beloved  Bred.

Esta noche a las 11:00 pm ( Tiempo Pacifico) en Telemundo, entrevista acerca de nuestra queridisma raza.

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