"BBCR, 1st Seminar of the American Bully breed in Argentina"

Argentina showing tremendous interest in the breed ! the attendance to the seminar was impressive ! 84 people including not only Argentinians but also Uruguayans and Peruvians, with the best energy and disposition ! and they show a gigantic heart, they brought so many toys and presents as a donation for the kids of the Garrahan Hospital, what a incredible feeling to be able to experience this moments with such a beautiful people, Thank you Argentina ! for the Love, support, hospitality showing to my family and the BBCR.      

"BBCR, 1er Seminario de la raza American Bully en la Argentina"

Argentina muestra tremendo interes por la raza American Bully ! La asistencia a el seminario fue realmente impresionante ! 84 personas no solo Argentinos si no tambien Uruguayos y Peruanos, con la major disposicion y energia !  demostraron tambien tener un Corazon Gigantesco , trajeron muchos regalos para la donacion de los nin'os del Hospital Garrahan, que increible sentimiento poder compartir estos momentos con gente tan linda, Gracias Argentina ! por el carin'o , el apoyo , la hospitalidad , a mi familia , y al BBCR.

Seminar was done July 19, 2014

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